Termite Inspection Brisbane

Termite Inspection Brisbane

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Welcome to our company, where we offer you the finest quality of termite inspection services all across Brisbane at an unbeatable price! We are experienced professionals equipped with ample Inspection knowledge, the latest Inspection tools, and modernistic Inspection techniques. Our termite inspection solutions can be your companions in bringing hygiene and safety to your homes and offices.

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Fitting Rates

Fitting Rates

On availing of our termite control company’s services, you get upfront and obligation-free quotes in addition to fitting rate services. No Hidden Charges!

Kid-Friendly Solutions

Kid-Friendly Solutions

For both termite inspection and termite treatment, we assure the use of kid-friendly solutions; as most of you are concerned about this. Moreover, they are also safe for pets.


Monday To Sunday Bookings

As we are ready to take Monday to Sunday bookings, we can offer our clients next day service or within 24/7 service. On Stand 365 Days For Form Filling Too!

On-Trend Tools

On-Trend Tools

Our Termite Inspection Brisbane experts know a variety of home termite control methods and practices. And the addition of on-trend tools to them is a great mix for the best results.

Brisbane Experts

Brisbane Experts

On sending experts from in and out of Brisbane, we found that many of our clients felt really good around them. So, we maintain a separate local team of residential termite control experts.

Highly-Trained Staff

Highly-Trained Staff

As soon as we recruit the new staff, we check for their legal credentials and train them from day one. This way, by the end of any local termite control process with different clients, they can be self-satisfied with their skills.


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With a team of certified termite inspectors, we are here to detect all kinds of termite infestations and save your house and business.



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Expert Team

Expert Team

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Verified And Licensed Experts For Termite Inspection Brisbane Services

Termite Inspection Brisbane is a licensed firm in the drive of termite management service across and around Brisbane. As our Termite Inspection Brisbane experts are highly skilled, they majorly inspect for termite damage, rising dampness, etc; during inspection of the area. After that, we will decide if your place needs emergency service or else the same day service.

These days many residents of Brisbane also come to us for pre-purchase and end of lease termite control services. We also offer such services. As a result, with our experts’ help, you can avoid future termite colonies. To grab any of our services, give us a call at 07 3062 8593.

Complete Termite Control- Inspection, Treatment, And Prevention By experts


Termite Inspection

Our Termite Inspection Brisbane team will come to your place and do an in-detail inspection as the first step of local termite control. Their inspection also includes the identity of the termite colonies and their severity. After inspection, we will also report to you the results we find out. Note- we do not take separate termite inspection costs unless you are especially calling for inspection only.


Termite Treatment

Once the results of the inspection are out and let you know about the details, our experts go with termite treatment. However, we do not have a standard process for termite colonies as their number varies depending on different houses. So, after special teachings, we do the complete termite control treatment.

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Termite Prevention

The last step of termite control is termite prevention. In the process of treatment, we also use physical and timber infestation barriers for your home. These help as preventive barriers for future termites entry into your home. In addition to this, we will also tip you on some important preventive actions for termite control.

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The duration of the termite inspection is around 2 to 3 hours. However, it might be different according to the size of the infested area. Our team will make sure that you get the best service as soon as possible. Moreover, we also have tools and methods that can help in the faster inspection.

If your neighbour’s house is infested with termites, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you will be afflicted as well, but the possibilities are much higher. As a result, you must keep an eye on your home to avoid termite infestation. Also, contact professionals if needed.

In hotter climates, such as yours, termites are operational all year. They migrate to establish a new nest in the spring or early summer. The population will continue to grow as long as it has warmth, humidity, and nourishment (as in EAT your home). They can do a lot of harm to your home’s pricey woodwork.

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